Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Ahh nice, the train has just arrived and the heat is turned up. Nice and toasty in here. I got my pita bread and my can of retried beans I bought at the 24 hour convenience store in bay ridge, and well my stop is here so, darn, I got to get off the toasty train and back to the platform to wait for my next train. A strange feeling it is to drop the taxi off at a parking spot , end of shift, a transition to a 45 minute commute, perhaps 1hr, from what would be a mere 15 minutes.

The cabbing has been pretty easy of late, not always much money, but it's all been predictable. My schedule now consists of 2nights a week and between one and two day shifts. I like the nights, but with less experience doing nights I feel like I'm not working them to their full potential. Perhaps I'll leave this post here, so that we keep it simple, and not get this piece bogged down with trivial facts. Hope to write up posts on a more regular basis now that I got blogger on the phone. I wonder if any body's still here. I got my second train now.. Oh yes only 20 minutes now 'till I'm home microwaving beans and watching last night's episodes of the daily show, Colbert report and at midnight, ahh life is satisfactory.

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