Monday, February 17, 2014

Phone shots 2

 OhWell, I've finally done it, I got the blogger ap for the phone, so hopefully I can start posting more freely. Shit I got so much to show you. Well let's start with recent stuff. I got a smart phone finally, and I dunno, I probly shot more then 500 pics with it already. There was one streak of time where I had to sub for one of the drivers I work with, for about 25 days straight, we're talking 3am to 5pm sometimes. I had one day off in that stretch and it came on short notice as my night driver said he had a dental emergency, and I had to work the double shift, so I went for another 8 or nine hours as a surprise on that day , anyway, complaints, complaints... Here are some pictures: oh darn this blogger app doesn't really let me dump the photo load I wanted. Shits one at a time? Bogus

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