Thursday, February 20, 2014


Meh, my head's been aching a bit all day/night. I'm not sure if I didn't have enough coffee or if I didn't have enough food, or most likely, both. Well here I am again waiting for my train, to get to my other train, to get home. I've bought another can of beans, it's just snuggling all cozy like in my pocket, I can't wait to get home and microwave it, and plop it in the remaining pita bread at my house. Yeah, I'm starving.
An odd pic for this blog I know, what you were expecting weegee?

So today was a little bit more interesting then yesterday. I stumbled on to spot where some major drag queen club night was happening or something along those lines, so I got maybe 4 rides out of that party, and it also encouraged me to look around midtown more as well, because the party was so big that there was a trickle down effect of after party scenes. I didn't find any luck with my cruising around midtown. Just as well, because it looked like it was getting around to the 'one drink too many' hours.

I'm too tired and hungry I'm gonna post this now and maybe get back to it later

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