Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lucky 327: my new identity, again

I changed my blogger name, yet again, to Lucky 327. What the hell did 4min mean anyway? meh I don't know what it meant, but here's what 327 means:

327 is the number on the cab I used to drive regularly for about a month, when I tested the whole driving 5 days a week thing. That's something I won't do again until the police stop targeting cabbies for tickets and the city does something about traffic congestion. Plus I found midtown impossible to navigate when I had to memorize every street where left turns or right turns were not permitted. And anyway I just like the number 327.

I'm just letting you know, in case I comment on your blog, and you say, who the hell is this?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky 327....thanx for dropping in on my blog....... its true Im kind of rolling,,,,,,, but im not totally sorted for a ride.... that cab I borrowed belongs to The Garden in Transit people (the flower taxi charity kids art project thingy)...... its great to be able to borrow it.... but of course its not the real thing ... i was thinking about tryin to get a cab know one interested in photography.... maybe...... to let me tag along one time.... I wonder if you know any drivers who are interested in blogging and photography who might let me hitch a ride in the passenger seat for a short while? Cheers Jez XX