Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Buried in the hard-drive

Times Square, Winter 2003

This is pre-taxi career, but just too awesome a picture not to post.

While this picture is only four years old, 'Howard Johnson's' has shut down, and 'Fleet Bank' has conglomerated with 'Bank of America'. The big 'Fleet' ad has changed to a big 'Bank of America' ad. The 'Chicago' musical ad has probably changed too.


Paradise Driver said...

What replaced Howard Johnson's?

That is probably the "prime" location in Times Square.

Anonymous said...

Oh I really like this one; a throw back to early in the portfolio.

NYC taxi photo said...

I love this picture so much, I don't know why they never put it up in the basement wall, I guess I didn't have seniority or whatever.

Paradise driver- I think the Howard Johnson's closed knowing about the value of their location, selling it for big money, the corner has been under construction ever since. A more recent picture of the same corner from another angle is found on this post

The black and white picture with a phone booth and all this scaffolding, 3rd one down i think. Yeah it really screws up the atmosphere of times square to have an empty corner right there.