Friday, July 20, 2007

awaiting renewal 2

it is now 330pm. I went to the DMV xpress and recieved a driving abstract for 10 bucks. Then I had to go back to my manhattan apartment where the family is, to get my hack license. needless to say I managed to get home by 3pm and didn't seeit possible to go to the TLC office in Queens and get the situation all straightened out before 4pm.

So this whole pile of horse manour will have to wait 'till monday, which is a pitty because I was thinking of visiting Boston this week (to relax). I will only work Saturday because the hack license expires on Sunday.

I think this is all telling me that it is time to get one of those jobs where the government doesn't penalize me ever so often.
Also if this chaos continues, perhaps I could get in touch with a lawyer friend, someone who specializes in people's rights. A man who is anything but square, in fact he's 3-D.

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