Sunday, July 22, 2007

looking for work

I've decided to stop driving the cab for now. recent events have been a bit too much for me. I'll try to continue part 2 of the conffessions of a taxi driver post by the end of the week. Also I'm still going to try to renew the taxi license to have some work option to fall back on. I already spent $167.50 to renew the license, so to stop trying now would be stupid.

I should still update this blog weekly with pictures i've taken over the last 2 years, and throw in one more story in time. I assume in time this blog will slow down. What I'd like to do is get some other job, and in my spare time, I'll make a new blog about the new places I discover in Staten Island (the final frontier of NYC)


Ted Martin said...

What?! I'm off the web for 10 days, and everything goes to #$^&!@#.

Good luck with whatever is going on. Come back soon.

NYC taxi photo said...

thanks for the comment. Yeah, i'm gonna keep this running, but i don't think its gonna be the same.

and thank you for the well wishes, so far things have been turning out somewhat lucky, especially considering how bad luck was the week of this particular post. But i don't want to push my luck by driving anytime soon.