Friday, July 20, 2007

awaiting renewal

Well, I just called the taxi and limousine commision to ask why I haven't recieved my new hack license.

"Your license is suspended. Your DMV license is suspended."

"Nohh, how can that be when I wasn't notified by the DMV?"

"Well after you straighten things up with the DMV give us a call back. And good luck sir." I could tell that he meant it.

So I called the DMV and after almost an hour of crappy music, I was able to talk to somebody who looked up my record and it didn't show I was suspended. I called the TLC back and told them this; she told me that the DMV was showing it on their computer. So as usual little ol' me is getting screwed over. I got to go to the DMV express, get an abstract for 10 bucks, tell them to notify the TLC that I am not suspended, then take the subway over to Long Island City and present the abstract to the TLC and get it all straightened out. they close at 4. It is now 1:16 and I am in Staten Island.

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