Sunday, November 17, 2013

possible blog changes:

hey guys and gals:

long story short:

may soon return to

IF none of these url's work, you can also visit me at my Facebook page:

 First off obligatory apologies for not keeping up with my blog, sorry everyone.

Anyway it appears that Google is making it very difficult, neigh, impossible to renew my annual domain name.

So I want to give you all a heads up, The blog will always continue, and I always have big plans for it. It's my journal, it's the way my entire career is supposed to translate into something beautiful.

If you always bookmark me as then you should always be able to reach my blog.  And if all else fails, visit me @

in truth I've been updating the Facebook page much more regularly.

In the future I may transfer the entire blog over to Wordpress, and purchase a new domain name. We can jokingly call this nyctaxiphoto version 2.0

Wish me luck, and visit me on Facebook. Death to Google!!


Martin van Duijn said...

Good luck with your crusade to get hold of your domain name!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I wondered wth you went to... I'm having issues w/Google/blogger as well... a blog i follow seems to disappear on my dashboard.. I've readded and it still disappears...glad to know you're still around.

NYC taxi photo said...

thanks, glad to know I still have some regular readers, that's a miracle considering how long I've gone without attending this. KBF, I guess as a fail safe you could bookmark that blog? Google seems to be re-tooling everything they have lately, it seems a little scary to me. I assume something major will soon happen. So far it seems that all they're doing is angering all their regular customers.