Saturday, April 13, 2013

-Archives- Shift Shots: 7/3/12

IMG_4781 copy

Greenwich Village

IMG_4782 copy


Upper West Side
IMG_4786 copy

IMG_4787 copy


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Upper West Side

IMG_4795 copy

Korea Town
IMG_4796 copy


Kalei's Best Friend said...

You've aced those side mirror shots! as well as the building shots.. there's not one I do not like!.

Star said...

Super photographs, today, thanks!
I've finally succeeded in publishing my first (free) Glossi digital magazine about Milan, Italy, and I'm so jazzed that I can't resist sharing it with you, thanks!

NYC taxi photo said...

Awesome! Thank you! I'm going to be working until friday, but I'll be sure to visit your site, thank you for always reading and commenting. Congratulations!!

Tampa Bay Private Taxi said...

What a cool blog. Love the pictures and the perspective from which they were taken! Truly reflects the beauties us taxi drivers get to see everyday.

NYC taxi photo said...

Thank you! this is the best spam comment I've ever had, though you may be advertising your services, it's nice that you actually seem to have seen my blog, it seems like you are a genuine person, who may actually genuinely like my blog. I appreciate the personal touch.