Saturday, March 2, 2013

Archive Shift Shots 11/9/11

This was cool, I got a message on my little computer terminal thingy, which said :
"Want to drive an electric taxi with no car payments for 1 year? Wednesday November 9th taxi pilot info sessions. More info at"
sounded cool, but I looked it up on the tlc website I think, and it was available only to drivers who already owned a taxicab. Damn annoying!!! the pilot program was basically giving a hand out, extra money, to people who already had money... how aggravating.

it's kind of like giving out jobs to people who already own a business.

And here's another picture of the Chevoret Volt hybrid electric police ticket agent car. At the time they were just purchasing them for New York City fleets. I imagine only the most successful ticket agents received these cars of the future, as a gift for working harder.

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