Thursday, May 10, 2012

the original impostor:

From my previous post you'll notice there are at least 2 very convincing fake taxis cruising the streets of New York, and my guess is they got all their tricks from this guy: --->> Interview With The Vampire

My favorite taxiblogger did an exposé on the dude back in 2006, I may have seen his cab parked in front of Katz's deli at noon on a monday? The car still had all the old stickers on it, as if it were still pretending to be a New York taxicab from the year 2006. Perhaps he isn't working so hard these days.

Of course this guy isn't the original fake taxi driver, that honor i'm sure goes to some guy back in 1920's or whatever, but you know, my point is he's done it for a long time, there seemed to be only him doing it, and now all of the sudden there's a handful of them trying to pull money from thin air

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