Thursday, May 10, 2012

fake taxi drive-by's

I just have to get all of my material out of my system.

This cab was found on November 2nd 2011:

This cab was operating with a passenger driving down Seventh Avenue at 34th street, in broad daylight at one of the most policed places in the whole city. They have no fear, reminds me of my roach infestation at home: March 10th, 2011:


Steve Miller said...


not a fake in this sense, but, did you see this NYPD cab in NYC? I didn't know of a Police cab in NY.


Anonymous said...


NYC taxi photo said...

yes steve. I've been very interested in this topic too. Every Police precinct in Manhattan has at least one police car dressed up as a taxi. The precinct on 42nd street west of 10th avenue even has two.

here is one such posting of the new Nissan Altima Hybrid version:

NYC taxi photo said...

here is one of the crown vic police taxis of west 42nd street with an advertisement top:

NYC taxi photo said...

And this was one of the first police taxis:

the markings have made significant improvements since then. -2008