Monday, January 9, 2012

the radio and time - a pointless post.

radio, mmm volume up, 2pm, better late than never to wake up,

beats in a kitchen reverberating
remind me of wheels rolling
spare time between 5 dollars and 10

like when time really accounted for something
time only here for me had such a significance, almost something i could see like an inch and a foot

time was always going on a fifth of a mile basis.
and the traffic was flowing
convincing myself that we were progressing
like computer made rhythms

it was advised to never put the car in reverse, unless you accepted driveway drop offs

time is soooo slowww now... ugh this terrible song came on the radio just now, assaulted my ears, and then a lot of loud stupid advertisements. I should've changed the station 5 minutes ago.... see time. slow... err well i guess all that proves is my reaction time is down. oh darn.


Cloudia said...

Thanks for reminding me about taxi driving past the good memories! Yeah, lots of boredom, long hours, one gets blunted. . .

If you gave my radio call while I was sleeping i'm sure I would have jumped and 'come back' never want the dispatcher to think you're out of it!

You oughta read my novel: Aloha Where You Like Go? for the Honolulu taxi juju

Wanna signed copy mailed to ya for $15 ? or Amazon . . . .

Aloha from Waikiki, Driver Bro
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


NYC taxi photo said...

hmm, i might just do that :-)

though we never had a radio for calls, that's ancient new york history. I'm just talking about listening to my radio in the kitchen, and remembering when I would turn the volume up to keep my blood flowing, so I could always be alert to grab the next street hail. it's all street hails, it's brutal. and it's all over thankfully. but the blog is far from over.

KTaxiFareFinder said...

The radio is impossible for me to listen to anymore! It's the advertisements and the same 50 songs over and over again...

I used to think 'making it big' required talent but all you need is a computer and a guy with a bunch of money!

Sorry- you had to go and mention the radio ad's ;)

NYC taxi photo said...

hahah, sorry. yeah it's pretty annoying on the air waves.

Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

Miss you out there. If you ever wanna copilot my front seat any shift I'll share half the profit with you. Seriously! It's called the voluntary taxi drivers' socialist republic and you've been grandfathered in.