Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's a few lines I just came up with: Thoughts on photography, on being free, on always searching for what makes me proud. Most importantly, about listening to the air of change, this feeling brewing that everything needs work and progress, that stagnancy isn't very healthy for me right now. I quit on Wednesday, The very first cab I take on New Years asked me for my phone number and will supposedly call me because they always need drivers, but I'm not going back, no. I'm not putting it all on hold any longer.

I’ve been on an endless journey to a tease
Seeing every place without knowing it
A classic Greek motif coffee in my warm right hand
Sipping and staring at endless compositions
Seeing within a box
A contrast between knowing and thinking,
Thought bubbles tramping around in my head,
Slaughtering my rights to walk around and take my time with this town
The tease is over
The world can’t be won through a window all the time

The traffic light boxes are clanking in anticipation
Our moment in stillness will cease


Kalei's Best Friend said...

First of all, that header photo is cool!... A few lines? Wow, the sentiment is definitely felt...Hope you share more words in this style in the future.

Kendall said...

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Will be back to check out the other cool stuff here :)

NYC taxi photo said...

Dearest Kendall,

Taxi fare calculators are neat. Quite often they are very accurate... in theory, but in any city, New York City especially there can be any number of outside factors that could contribute to different routes and different traffic paces. this all should be noted by the passenger, however, it is still a good idea to use a taxi fare calculator if you are unfamiliar with your city.

But, my Dearest Kendall, why are you promoting your site here, but then on tips for taxi drivers you are not Kendall at all, on that blog you are some random aol user?? There is no need to be sneaky here.

WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE A MARKETING GIMICK. I have known others as internet chums who've some how manipulated the www for their own profits.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could use this new world to educate ourselves, to give us all more, rather than to focus on the most trivial of our own personal gains?

Star said...

GREAT photo--your best, in my opinion, at least in the last couple of years that I have been following your blog--and lovely post. All my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Remember that TaxiTalk guy
He say's Canada is where it's at!!!! Life's good when you let go!

NYC taxi photo said...

hey you know what dude, i think i do know who you are, and if it is you, than thank you man for still checking in. i knew we had that bug, poetic, and yet in flux in a big crown victoria, glad you pulled out, right? the photo thing going good? I'm not sure what you link is about. I know it's your real deal thing even though on first seconds of glance it looks like a spam. what's up with it, is this site like a work table for design and photo stuff, for work you've done? well cheers man, good to hear from you, have a wonderful happy new year

hope everyone has a fantastic 2012 and thank you for reading and posting your comments!

Sam said...

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Henry Krinkle said...

Header photo, self portrait? I'd love to post one of my own, unfortunately I doubt my boss would fail to see the humor in my blog. For now I shall exile and bask in my anonymity...

Take care

- Henry

NYC taxi photo said...

i understand whole heartedly. the taxi biz in nyc is so big though that it gets easier to be anonymous, and then there's also the thing that i just quit too. plus i feel after 6 or so years, they see that i've been able to maintain professionalism with it, if they see my blog and make the connection, so long as i don't bad mouth everyone too much it's alright. the first garage could figure stuff out really fast, the last one not as much. but yeah not doing anything wrong here....

but of course a lot easier to be invisible in new york city.

Cesc Sales said...

Happy new year to you!!! Best pics in 2012!!

Taxi Pensacola Beach said...

Photos are better than words most of the time. Happy new year to you from sunny florida.