Thursday, January 27, 2011

sorry for the posting delay.

I promise, I'm gonna go on a blogging blitz tonight, to schedule postings that will cover the next week. things have been different lately, what with the extra day of work picked up and my truly living independently now I need to devote more time to sleeping and eating and cleaning and working.

Excuses excuses. How does everyone like the new blog layout? I suppose I caught a little of the winter madness and I wanted to brighten it up, and make it simpler and easier to read. I think I will return a picture to the header soon enough, but well not so sure of that either. It looks so clean and organized this way. I'm very pleased with the white background instead of the black background. is it easier to read? are you understanding the links on my righthand side bar better? opinions?


nyc cab driver said...

Ah I love this new look. previously black made my eyes itching and by the end of the blog post I had no energy left to comment.

Chris said...

Really great blog, like the new layout but I didn't mind the black either it was good background to view the awesome photos on. I work for a taxi company in Australia and this blog is really inspiring and insightful, keep up the good work. I think the stills work better and capture the moment more than the videos to be honest.

Thanks for sharing.

Star said...

Miss the photo header. Not so sorry to see the black background go...I find them so very depressing that yours was the ONLY blog with a black background (maybe because it was only dark gray?) that I read. See a link to a new blog? It's got a black background? CLICK, and it's gone forever, whatever the content. Just can't do it, and it can be hard to read, too (maybe making the text a bit bigger would help that). It did set the photos off nicely, though, I agree, and it had a more edgy New York-y feel to it, I have to confess. So, if you go back to a dark background, maybe a dark charcoal gray, instead of black?