Friday, January 28, 2011

new camera coming soon

I can't resist shooting the occasional video with my phone, especially with this snowy weather we've been having lately. Terrible quality picture and sound have brought it all to the point of barely watch-able. But I've finally pulled the trigger and purchased a Kodak Zi8 pocket camera along with a car-charger and a little clamp piece that can hold the camera above a table and other things. I've figured that I can clamp the camera to the meter-stand. There's enough space between the meter and the dashboard that I think the camera can fit in there and protrude enough from the dash to make some video. Hopefully with the car-charger I can shoot a few moving pictures and charge the camera in the time between. When I get all the stuff in the mail, and the memory card, I'll start shooting right away.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

This IS definitely different from your other page...Can't wait to see what u come up w/with your new camera..