Friday, October 15, 2010

Shift Shots 12/06/09

The Lower East Side

Long Island City, Queens

South Bronx, The Bronx




I thought this was pretty awesome, I was able to find the location of the above picture using Google Maps. The idea was to verify the location on Google Maps and then check for the nearest neighborhood title. The 'South Bronx doesn't seem specific enough, but unfortunately no maps I have on hand show any neighborhood name.
Picture 1
But I still think it's pretty cool that below the Major Deegan Expressway the street was documented not only by Google Maps but also by the moving camera truck. Not only that, but it also took some pretty cool pictures. The only way I was able to find the street though, was by going to street view at 144th street and then pushing the arrow along until we get under the highway, almost as if I was virtually driving the camera truck.

Ward's Island


Star said...

Great nighttime pic of that Lower East Side door. Such fine definition to the pics. What was your camera (before its untimely demise)? What resolution did you use?

NYC taxi photo said...

it was a Canon digital Rebel xti i think, oh and it feels timely to me, I feel like I'm done taking pictures and taxi driving simultaneously. Thank you as always for your kind comments.

tori said...

i love your shots ... they have inspired me to take shots of my city, San Antonio, TX and add them to my blog ... New York is my lust city and I love the updated snippets into it's everyday life. Thanks.