Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shift Shots 10/11/09

Times Square

Times Square District. In front of The Port Authority Bus Terminal
Traffic stop takes on a new meaning here, as traffic is usually already at a standstill for about 10 seconds. The red lights are timed to break up traffic here, plus busses picking up to then cross over all four lanes and taxis on the left to both pick-up and drop off simultaneously, and out-of -towners who can't make heads or tales of any of it, while I still can't either, and they proceed to also make lefts from the middle lanes, just as the busses and the taxis do. I think this taxi made the left on to the traffic filled 8th Avenue, and as the only open lane was the 4th from the inside one, the cops walked over to him to talk about his wide turn, which in turn made traffic worse, stopping the lane that moved best.

Entering the Queensboro Bridge. From Long Island City, Queens

Greenwich Village
Technically this is less Greenwich Village and more so, NYU's housing complex, housing many teachers and so on and so forth. They have big plans in the future to build two more towering buildings in this historic neighborhood, famous for it's 5 floor row houses and streets that deviate from the grid plan of midtown.

East Village



West Village


eNews said...

the taxi resources are very wonderful. especially the white one is very good. it seems a dreaming world of taxi. keep it up.

Star said...

Times Square with the closed newsstand and East Village with the reflected taxi...Wow...what fantastic pictures! Thanks!