Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shift Shots 10/10/09

The Meatpacking District
This may be a bit ironic. The meatpacking district still does have 2 or 3 meatpacking places, but of course it is mostly restaurants in the day, clubs at night. An Apple Store is here, hotels etcetera. Now semi-recently there has been an annual vegetarian parade and protest here, which makes sense as it once was a center for meat, but in all honesty that past is so far from a mainstay here, that it is almost a cruel joke, mocking the past as the Masaratis, the Town Cars, and the yellowcabs roll by. High heels walk over cobble stones lined with perhaps the same pink goo they always were incased with, but only now this is upchuck from bar patrons and not splatter from sliced diseased bovines. What we see in this picture is the farmer's market, how times have changed.


In between Little Italy - Chinatown - SoHo - and The Lower East Side

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Kalei's Best Friend said...

love the first shot.. u got a lot goin' on here.. pretty smart to use the the window frame of your car to frame that shot as well as that side mirror!.

Tattooed Sinner said...

I miss NYC so much. I love coming to your blog to "cruise around" the Big Apple every now and then. Thank You. :D

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Hey I just gave you an award on my blog:

NYC taxi photo said...

yikes, an award, they come with strings... hmmm we'll see what we can do.