Friday, July 23, 2010

A more current shift reflection

These shots were from just this past Sunday. I have a surplus of photos to sort through all the way from the end of last year to edit and post here, but just so you know, I'm still doing this. In fact I drive more often now than I drove back last year. I was holding off on this post because I felt it deserved some journal writing to accompany it, but I'm driving tomorrow so I'll add the text at the end of tomorrow or wednesday.


Astoria, Queens

Greenpoint, Brooklyn



Unknown said...

I like how the foliage from the trees in Astoria stretch out over the road. It almost kinda seems like there's a tree right in the street

Trish said...

can't work out how a car so damaged could be parked like that. Great contrast with the other cars

Laura said...

Love the Astoria pic. The trees look amazing!

TARAism said...

that graffiti is amazing

Anonymous said...

I too love the graffiti art, Mission District style.

Omar Victorious said...

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