Saturday, July 31, 2010


eh, sorry it's been a few days since posting, finding stuff to do until I'm too tired to post here, but this week will be different come wednesday I promise. Lately I have to say the money has been fruitful for me, which is very odd. Most drivers have always said that the summer is slow, real slow, especially August as all the New Yorkers get out of town for break. However, firstly, It's not August just yet, and the season is long enough to evolve as a driver to new patterns, of quick tourist trips coupled with destinations where people want cabs back home from after spending all night the night before, and secondly a newer group of New Yorkers is always flowing in as well as the recession and more business people using yellow cabs over car services.

my oddest recent one was on a monday I was feeling lucky after getting a nice family who went to Fort Greene, Brooklyn from Penn Station and preferred to take the highway around Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge, I decided to wait in front of a new apartment tower on the edge of Fort Greene as sometimes I get someone there going back. On this particular day a woman asks if I'm available, sits herself in my car and gives me her shpiel: "I'm really hungry I need a little money for my kids, and all I have to do is go to ___(about 10 blocks away). For 15 dollars I'll give you a blowjob whatever to get there."

I responded, "where is that? just 5 blocks away?" I'll do that for 5 bucks"

and she, after a pause " how'bout 10, 15?"

Umm, we were clearly not on the same page.

"No, no, I'll take you there for free. Don't worry about it." I said.

and she: "I need some money though."

and I: "I can't do that. I pay 150 dollars per day for this cab. I'm sorry, I can't be giving people money"

She thinks on it, not for very long, opens the door, and back to Manhattan I go. Occasionally, very, very rarely this sort of thing may happen, more so with guys than women, in Manhattan too, first time for a woman to offer, and before you tell me I'm a prude, oh believe you me, you'd have turned her down too.

that's a nice line to end on, but who are we kidding, I am a prude, I'd never take anyone up on such a disturbing offer. eww, sex from a stranger off the street in a taxi cab. It's frankly insulting that people even think that we stoop to such levels.


Trish said...

Great story tho..

Star said...

Love your photos, and thanks, too, for the not-black blog background (it's so stark, and makes the reading difficult). From one prude to another, another thanks for the head-shaking amazing glimpse into your life as a cab driver in NYC.

Laura said...

Wow... That's some story... Which I'm sure you have tons of!!! Glad you didn't take her up on her offer... That's gross! Looking forward to more of your pics! Just bought a nice new shiny lens so I'm becoming a picture taking freak too. :)

NYC taxi photo said...

thanks all, and congrats on the new lens!

NYC said...

gross. she must b either out of her mind or with the police.
anyways when panhandler ask me money just coz they are hungry I tell them ok come inside the store n take something to eat but no beer and quickly they go the next person.

Unknown said...

Yowza, that's a good one! You should have asked her to wash your cab or something lol...

CM said...

omg that's a great story. you must have the best, disturbing stories!