Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shift Shots 9/14/09

Midtown -Penn Station

Long Island City, Queens

Sorry I left the blog for a week, I had this other thing going on, and it still needs my attention. I have 60 pictures, actually 59 out of the original 230 shots, I need to go through and edit, and I mean really edit, because I think I'm getting paid for it. So this blog may have another week of a posting drought, but I'll try my best to get right back. I've been thinking of writing a post here, it's been some time, but I haven't mustered enough of a clear thought to write. I think I'm close to a transition.

I may switch garages, but I still haven't gone over to another one and asked yet. The money has been too tight, and so I've thought that I need to switch to driving full-time, either that or take on a separate full-time job in addition to the part time driving. Thinking it out I think switching to full-time taxi driving might be the best scenario as it would be easy enough to get the gig, and then I could take my lunch breaks for however long I wanted and have enough money left over hopefully to get the gizmos and gadgets I want, eat full meals every day, and have more clout with a garage to ensure vacation time.


Aron said...

I like that B and W image!

Samson said...

great photos. I love your tales of new york, definitely somewhere I wanna go!!