Friday, June 11, 2010

Jeremiah goes searching for Nighthawks

Well I may have been slacking on my posting, but I found some really cool blog posts over at Jeremiah's Vanishing New York. I'm not often so keen on finding inspiration, or seeing so directly that I have been inspired by other art, but Edward Hopper's famous painting 'Nighthawks' is the boldest exception to that rule.

Nighthawks - Edward Hopper

Painted in 1942, 'Nighthawks' just seems to grab at my heart and speak to something so true. And I always felt that even when I forgot about ever seeing this painting, I was subconsciously seeing it everywhere on my night trips. I would go out on drives, bike rides, whatever, wherever; and always find myself at corners capturing lights left on all night, long shedding so much light for no one in particular, inviting the few who always were unaccompanied, bringing warmth to the cold night.

And so these blog posts were of particular relevance to me and many other blog readers out there who no doubt all had their own connections with Hopper and his painting. Never did I realize that 'Nighthawks' very well could have been a real place in Greenwich Village right on Greenwich Avenue no less!! And so the author of this blog goes searching for clues, digging through archives to find where perhaps the poetic lands itself in a real time, and in a real place.

Hopper's Studio


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Check out todays NYTimes Op Ed piece written by Jeremiah Moss

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