Friday, May 21, 2010

Shift Shots 8/30/09

I have 3 more shots to post from this day, but so I don't take any longer between posts, I'll post these, and maybe the rest will come by monday or tuesday.

Long Island City, Queens
This is an awesome warehouse back road that few people take, but it replaces traffic lights with stop signs so it saves some time. And while I'm there I feel like I'm driving through all sorts of hidden layers of New York. Train tracks that now lead nowhere, and cobblestones raising from beneath the pavement, ramps that lead to loading docks jut into the street and so I drive slalom style, left and right, memorizing each bump, each hole, noting the shallow side of the always flooded end of the street and driving through slowly so I don't splatter dirt on the car, and of course over a canal. And presto a brief moment of city history and back to civilization as the 59th Street Bridge awaits just above the train yard.

- Looking to Courthouse Square, and yes the Manhattan skyline is in the foggy horizon.

-The Main Public LIbrary

West Village
-At the Hudson River Looking across to Jersey City and Hoboken


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