Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kudos to me!

bare with me folks, I don't think I pat myself on the back enough, so this post is a little one of those things, and don't worry I'll get right back on the shift shots postings by the end of the day.

Anyway I was pleased to get a message from Travel Avenue, a travel guide website. Look I have very strict standards about advertising, and I don't just support something if I don't sense some realness in it. They have selected my blog as a top blog (the top blog?) for New York City, and I've checked at the site and it all seems pretty legit. You the readers must understand that for me, especially when it comes to my blog, which is an extension of my identity, I don't do stuff for money, rather, I do it for honest to goodness fame et-cetera. So of course, the honorable thing to do is to post up a link to their site an exchange for all their readers reading my blog when they research New York City on the site.

And well that got me thinking, as long as I'm adding their button, I should also post a link to every other site and blog that mentioned me and makes me look good, but of course hah! so this blog post is just really a longwinded explanation for the new section on my left sidebar dedicated to pages that featured me or my cab, wow, hey it's been 4 years running with this blog, and it's about time I looked back and saw how far I've come, honestly, not really so far, every thing's pretty much the same. How does one measure fame or status anyway? It is all in the eye of the... umm... beholder? something like that.

So to see the short list of sites that have mentioned or used me, of which I am very proud of, it is to the left, right below the title: "nyctaxiphoto invading the world wide web"

I'm all gassed up!

Don't worry, in a month or so, I will probably grow very disgusted with myself for putting this list up, and I'll move the list down to the bottom where no one shall find it.

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