Friday, February 26, 2010

Shift Shots 6/13/09




During the summer for the longest time, more than one maybe even two months, these two cars were left here, or what was left of them. One could only guess why the police didn't move them for so long. Perhaps they wanted to keep them there so that they didn't loose any evidence? Perhaps they left them there only to make it more difficult for the Fung Wah bus company to navigate the intersection and do pick-ups and drop-offs legally and safely before going back to Boston? I dunno.

West New York, New Jersey

This was one of the many new housing complexes built on the other side of the Hudson River for rich people who work in New York City. The driveway beside me had two Porsches, and there was also a Range Rover too. I have a shot of that too, but I'll spare you.

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