Sunday, February 28, 2010

mid shift update, written at LGA, yesterday

Yeah I still got my cold, fever now I s'pose. overslept worse than usual so I called in and told the dispatcher I'd be late. I saved some time but lost 15 bucks taking a taxi over to the garage (4 dollar tip, hey not everyone is so happy to go to queens especially in this weather). I'm pretty happy despite things going slowly. I have a 10 dollar discount on my lease due to my shift time being reduced by an hour. I got two rides so far a 4.20 ride (5 bucks) for about 4 blocks, and then a LaGuardia Airport fare. I'm proud of the airport as I tried a new hotel that I haven't deliberately gone to before. I was semi impatient with it as there was already a cab waiting there, but as I was about to leave he loaded up with passengers so I pulled over at the corner and walked back to the hotel and as I was about to go inside and ask if there was another airport soon, a guy was leaving with a bag and sure enough he was. I'm waiting at the airport now because it's irresistible not to wait on such a short line. I could've been second but I felt pulling in to the line so shortly would've practically been a U-turn. Of course the only way back to the line without entering in the U-turn route sends me back and forth twice through a small loop so I'm 4th. One cab already picked up. the U.S. air terminal is already full of cabs, and I wonder why so many prefer to wait there, is there something I don't know? for the most part during the day it is never a good idea to wait at the airport, but I'm gonna risk it if only to take it easy today, there is a bathroom close by, and a chance to sit and relax. all the roads have good chances of being slippery due to ice, or slush, or snow, or puddles. There is good odds out in Manhattan and even Brooklyn and Queens for airport rides if you stick to 1st Avenue and maybe Columbus. I feel there may be a back up of canceled flights that are now booked for today, might be a busy few days for people going to the airport, as they want to get their flights in between the storms. Well I'll try to continue to catch up with you later A.K.A. tuesday on the blog, later folks.

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