Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shift Shots 3/30

The cover picture (top of page), was taken in 2007 near the south end of the FDR Drive. A seemingly dark and dangerous place it is merely a lonely place more than anything else. After the workers go home there isn't much left here but echoes through these cliffs made of brick, mortar, and glass. These echoes, the security guards, and a few surveillance cameras placed in every nook and cranny, leave an odd feeling of presence amongst the empty streets and closed store fronts.

I found myself on the same small street corner, now less enclosed with one less modest brick building surrounded by our still bold skyline. I am referring to the skyline behind me, not the one straight ahead, which is Brooklyn Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn's. 

Somehow we make these streets work. See what most people unfamiliar with New York don't realize is that this city really does have a little bit of everything. Geographically speaking, or cartographical, whichever, we have this small piece of New York City the earliest part of the city, the part that came before the easier to navigate grid system, where all the streets are small and conjoin each other between small angles amongst a small hill. Each street goes one way in it's own direction, and to complicate things further construction projects, pedestrian malls, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Wall Street all close these streets abruptly, making it seem impossible to drive through on any of these little streets. But the less traveled streets may offer a good fare, if one knows the best way out.


Broadway in NoHo was always getting jammed at the intersection at Houston Street (howstun). Hopefully now that the intersection has finally been repaved, it'll go smoother. But nearly 2 months ago it was real nasty. 

It was worse than usual at this particular minute. I didn't notice why until all these sirens converged right next to me, all to address what looked like a police scooter down on the pavement. An ambulance and maybe 2 or 3 police cars met with the handful of cops already there. My guess is that a scooter cop was chasing somebody and had to pursue on foot. Somebody probably got injured during this and just in case they got an ambulance? I have no idea, but honestly with everyone hanging around and chatting it didn't look too serious once they all got there.


And this picture is definitely a sign that I'm way behind in my posts of shift shots. Since this picture, Broadway, the one with all the traffic has been shut down to cars and bicycles, and 7th Avenue just behind it has been widened. Believe it or not I'm pretty optimistic about the change. We might have traffic flow better southwards, although the real question is if the surrounding traffic will get worse.

Times Square


Eugene Salomon said...

From what I've seen so far of the Times Square experiment, the jury is still out. 7th Avenue moves well enough but it looks like a very time-consuming mistake if one starts out on Bway and decides to shift over to 7th at any of the cross streets from 56th to 48th. We'll see. The beach chairs on Bway look like one of those novel art exhibits like the banners in Central Park. Surreal-ish.

NYC taxi photo said...

Yes, the times has a really nice slideshow of that first weekend with the chairs.

And nice to hear 7th ave is still working, I was more worried about 56th through 48 being even worse than before. hopefully that new bike lane will wind up conveying the message early to traffic to steer clear of it before 57.

and yes, its very worrisome as you can't make the left on 58th anymore, so duly noted, i guess we should all take 57th, or possibly c.p.s. how is 9th avenue? and have they done anything about making more spaces for cabs to pullover in times square on 7th?