Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mid shift, lollygagging

It's one of those days. I woke up with very little sleep and thought about calling in to say I just didn't have enough to make it, but I figured I'd be so rejuvenated just by having the day off, that I might as well work. I wasn't going to get any sleep either way.

Yesterday was terrible. The ol' trick of waiting in various places was really played poorly. Every time I gave up, somebody would come out and hail a cab behind me, and every time I persevered and held steady in one place, somebody would come out and hail a cab a block away. I had to sign the lease for the new apartment, and it took about 2 hours to do it. I am so excited about it, and very nervous to wonder if I'll have time to push forward with life and also make enough money to survive. I came out at the end of the day making only 50 bucks, damn, that's a record low, haven't got it that bad for more than a few years. those last 3 hours are extremely important, as the first half of the day is about getting money to pay off the cab and the gas, the next half being the personal income.

Today has already been way better, much more fares, larger ones too. And from the early morning scouting I do to size up my obstacles as the day progresses, it looks like it will be much easier. the DOT web page says there won't be as many fairs and parades, and a few less construction closures. I got a 2009 cab!! very nice! but I'm still a little tired, only 5 and a half hours left.


roy said...

I think persevering is the only way, unless it's a really lost cause

Bum Atom said...

I'm applying to go to school
man now there are nights I make 30$ after gas fuck its deadly stay sane

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, good idea with school, I'm starting to think of my next venture in life, the trick is going to be first figuring out what i want to do with myself, and then the balancing act of learning, living, and earning. It's crazy. That all said, out here it's usually better, always got to put in the full 12 hours, but usually I come home with more than one hundred, that was just an unusual day, I can't waste my time with shenanigans, but on the other hand, I can't maintain a life style always thinking about cash.

So Roy, you're right, it's not a lost cause, it's just never easy is it