Friday, April 3, 2009

Shift Shots: 2/1 (b)

Maspeth, Queens







On this particular day, I had the fortune of taking somebody out to the Maspeth area of Queens. I got a little lost coming back. But while not loosing much time and getting great pictures to boot I should just say I took the scenic route back. I often check google maps and cross reference it with my five borough map to correctly identify the neighborhoods I've ventured to when I publish a post like this one. The image 3rd from the bottom is un-googlable. I feel like I've found a warp zone, or a break in the space time-continuum. There is a street under the BQE in Maspeth, and I don't even think it exists on the five borough map.


ben said...

amazing photos. images like this remind me of how huge this city is. keep up the good work.

NYC taxi photo said...

on a day with low traffic, it's amazing how far 12 to 17 dollars can get you.