Monday, March 30, 2009

mid shift-

I'm on break, wow do I need one. I don't see how people can do this. Working on Mondays no matter what job, is just horrible. I don't understand why people come to New York City to live this 'take and take some more' lifestyle. Weekends are so much better; no matter how bad the traffic, both the drivers and passengers are more mellow on weekends. I heard it was good to be waiting at JFK on mondays at around 6 am, and I got a JFK out there just for that time, but I couldn't find the damn lot. I got off an exit too early and drove along the service roads for ten minutes without any sign of the fricken' lot. There are 13,000 taxicabs, why aren't there more signs for the fucking taxi lot? Since I was closer to the belt parkway I took North Conduit back and aimed to switch lanes for Atlantic, but the traffic wouldn't let me in and I wound up on Linden Blvd, oh well, I didn't loose much more than a minute of my time on it. There were just a lot of little things like that. In Battery Park City a man came out of the brand new building across from the Embassy Suites. He hailed me while crossing the street, I felt no need to gun the gas and practically run him over to pick him up. He got fed up with my slowness to pull to him and walked to the cab behind me instead; what a giant douche dispenser! So I pulled out from where I'd pulled over and waited until the cab with him inside honked long and hard... twice. It's the little things I do to be a prick, that make me feel like I've accomplished something. Aside from all of that, I can't complain much. The traffic and tolerance levels got much easier after about 8 in the morning. I already stand to make 50 bucks so far, and since this is just an extra day of work, that's good enough.


King of New York Hacks said...

HaHa , I love doing those little things to piss people off , its what keeps us sane !!

NYC taxi photo said...

Yes I know it's wrong, but I feel like I'm teaching people manners. I do it when they honk at me too, when I'm at the intersection and people are crossing the street in front of me, I stop for the exact duration that the horn was pressed.