Sunday, January 4, 2009

Xtra long coffee break

I don't want to go out there, is what I'm thinking. With just enough time to want to blog, but not enough time to really do it well. Have you ever had those moments where you realized you've probably drank too much coffee, you rub your eyes, sleep crumbs fall out of them, and you've been awake for 7 hours already. Soon enough it'll all turn around. 
I'll see you on the road.


Anonymous said...

You said it all mate

shelby marie skumanich said...

it's just the working life.

have you heard about possibly putting in a black box type device in taxi cabs in NY? they had the article in the times yesterday:

weird. thoughts?

NYC taxi photo said...

I have heard of the pilot program, but the article gives me a little more information which the nyt tends to do. thanks!

There are already a lot of cabs without partitions that have cameras, and I always wanted them. But from what I understand from the article, they're considering placing cameras in fleet cars as well. What I am still not clear on is weather the camera is a substitute for a partition? or an addition?