Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Domain name failure, (I mean, success!!)

Well as of now it looks like I was about to buy the Brooklyn Bridge 10 dollars at a time. First I tried to purchase a domain for 9.99 from yahoo, but it turned in to 34.95 deal, so I didn't accept that. Then I bought my name through google, much easier, and it was only 10 dollars. However, it never worked. I almost accepted a free trial which if it wasn't canceled would cost 50 bucks, all so that i could speak to a support technician to make the blog link to my newly purchased domain name. I was too scared to do that, fearing I wouldn't find the button to downgrade the 50 dollar plan in time. Of course the domain purchase is non-refundable. So I figured I'd cut my losses before it's too late. You can access my blog at the same reliable url as always http:nyctaxiphoto.blogspot.com. I have purchased nyctaxiphoto.com, but apparently it isn't as easy as they make it out to be for me to get it working.

There aught to be a law.

(UPDATE) I finally got the new name working. So it is officially now www.nyctaxiphoto.com. Right now the site will be redirected to that address even if you type in nyctaxiphoto.blogspot.com, but I imagine soon it will ONLY be at www.nyctaxiphoto.com. The goal here is to make my blog address easier to remember, to get more viewers. I hope this wasn't as confusing for you as it was for me. And I will fix the links on my left hand side bar by the end of tuesday (today). 

I am very sorry to the people who switched their link to the new url, only to switch it backto the old url, who now I am asking to switch it again to the new url, I am truly sorry, I didn't know making the transition to a new name would require an investigation in trouble shooting, I thought it would all happen automatically :-) oops!


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

what's wrong with using blog spot?
what motivates you to seek your own domain? i am just curious.

NYC taxi photo said...

I just figured it would be easier to remember, but for all the trouble, i am not sure if it's worth it. Its still using blogspot, just with a different address

Vinny said...

Yea that is a little easier..