Friday, December 5, 2008

11/29, Season's Shots

The St. Regis Hotel, Midtown
Reminds me of childhood the night before Christmas, but instead of decorating the tree, they're decorating a building.

Hell's Kitchen
A common sight in December, the tree people, usually from French Canada, have set up camp in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan and other parts of the city. Each group has their own van and a heating device, sometimes a gas generator too.

Grand Army Plaza
We still have our fall colors on the trees, but they're growing less saturated.

Queensboro Bridge, East Midtown
Off Duty, radio up to eleven, now if only there were something good on.


Vinny said...

Made me laugh.. Radio up to 11.. How sad crown victoria radios are hah

ben said...

great shot of the tram and nice photos overall. keep up the good work —