Sunday, July 27, 2008

so far so good sunday

Hey, so funny how it works. Turned out okay yesterday. The weirdest ride I got yesterday was a couple looking for specific motel/hotels . I took them from 125th and Broadway to a HoJo's in the Bronx, yeah I know, they still exist? Then when that one turned out 'no vacancy' they asked to go back over the Macomb's Damn Bridge to a motel, yes, an actual MOTEL in MANHATTAN! the ride was very efficient at 14.50 and they gave me a 20 and told me to keep the change. It was a very lucky ride to get 20 dollars and still be in Manhattan. Plus I learned a lot from that ride. I now may have more knowledge on how to go crosstown to Yankee Stadium, and if anybody wants a cheap motel, I could mention that place. 

I saw a raccoon today crossing 5th avenue. I got a blurry picture I'll show you later.

Here's what's going on today: Half Marathon

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