Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pictures from 2/23/08

Ahh Eureka! I finally got bigger pictures on the blog. I've been looking for ways to do this for 6 months. I even went to my old school, to ask a digital photo teacher if he could help. The self righteous bastard started to tell me what a blog was.

Only when I used fancy internet /art words like accessibility and navigation friendly, etc.. did he tell me to look at the source code, basically telling me to get lost and that he didn't have time for me. I completely understand that he was busy, but to make an idiot out of me by being sarcastic (something New Yorkers don't do) rather than just telling me he was busy, was improper form, but I guess people skills cannot be expected from faculty(?)

Well on the flip side, an alumni had told me that she preferred uploading the pictures through a flickr account. How about that, a simple answer for a seemingly complicated problem. If you want me to mention your blog, I'll be sure to put your link here, or mention it again where it isn't following my negative attitude.

So my ranting aside, here are the bigger pictures. All I had to do was copy the input code for the medium size of each picture from the flickr to here, and I had to change the format of this blog to stretch, to accommodate the larger images. Now if I can remember my account name and password for my flickr account, all my images on this blog will now be a little larger.

I'm guessing this is Midtown
IMG_8072 copy

Near Times Square
IMG_8081 copy

Times Square

 When the 'Naked Cowboy' shows up, will summer come soon? 
Who needs a groundhog when you got the Naked Cowboy?

Another surge (practice) drill, goes past the Empire State Building 
about two blocks ahead.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look , very nice

Paradise Driver said...

I use INFANVIEW for my pics. I resize them to a 1280 pixel width and then use the blogger uploader

For my picture gallery, I usually upload the display image in the small size and then further reduce it by adding width="125" after wher it says border="0"

This loads the images faster and when clicked on, you get the big picture.

Infanview is free and simple to use.

shelby marie skumanich said...

i bet i can take a wild guess at who told you to get lost and i will be right.

anyways, a link would be much appreciated! i am also interested in hearing what you have to say about the crown vic being eased out of production.

Mary Hilton said...

Love the black and white, near Times Square mirror photo. Awesome, as usual.