Friday, March 21, 2008


Two taxibloggers have both posted some interesting material referencing the NYC taxi miscellaneous.  

Taxi Tales out of Cumbria, UK, has posted these three gems. Ford is supposedly pushing their european van for the replacement to our Crown Victoria. I mentioned in my new police car post, the Crown Vic' is slowly retiring from production. It is an issue that I promise to soon post about myself, but I need to research it more and post a big juicy blog full of pictures. So I'll get on that eventually. Taxi Prototype

In New York Cab Tips A video helpfully advises tourists on proper manners for taking a NYC taxi. The video is very up to date, and I pretty much agree with everything said on the video. I only add that cabbies with their off duty light on are either on a break, or ending their shift. Therefore it is at this time that cabbies will only take riders if they are on the way to their taxi garage or home. Also most New Yorkers will not be familiar with the taxi fare you will be charged, so don't ask them. I suggest instead that you ask a cabbie you can trust i.e. me, or G.S., who writes a very good New York taxi blog too. 

Bob of Taxi Tales also posted this great video King Lear, calling attention to the violent crimes on taxi's through the UK, using a piece by Davidson Garrett, a taxi poet of our humble City.

And Irish Taxi out of Dublin posted about King Lear as well, King Lear of the Taxis, be sure to click it to find how to purchase Garrett's book online please. 


bob mullen said...

Cheers for the links, and wow the big photos look great. The only problem I guess is that you will run out of space and have to pay for a pro flickr account. Maybe blogger will upgrade sometime in the future and allow display of larger photos. Don't know about over there but here we are limited to 1gig of photos with blogger maybe they will increase this some time with the lowering cost of online storage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clicks, somehow that set reminds me of West side story??