Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Voting.... ............... ..........

So my friend had the good fortune to actually work the voting center in his neighborhood. 

"Busy?" I ask

"Not really."

In fact I even came by and walked in on the event to see it emptier than an elementary school prom. Hmmm is that what happened? Did they schedule an elementary school prom there, and it scared away the voters?

Anyway I couldn't vote because I was a registered Green party member. I did my research a whole day in advance for who I'd vote for in the green party, but no website nor any media could inform me of when I was supposed to vote for my chosen candidate???? 

That really agitates me to no end!

I also made a decision on who I'd have voted for if I was a registered Democrat, but it really made no difference since I wasn't allowed my own choice.

I know, I know there is this other party called the Republicans, but veteran New Yorkers for the most part, acknowledge them as a spawn of Satan. New York City is so Democratic......

How Democratic is it?

New York City is so Democratic that the Republican vote counter name tags were placed on Democrats  just to make the voting center look more unbiased. Hey that's the best they could do, because Republicans weren't working the polls.

There are some pockets of the city that are Republican, but they are few and far between.


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

For a minute there I thought you caught him hopping in mid air, through a taxi window that would have been quite an achievement.... then spotted he's hanging from a bar, You trin' to fool us eh TUT TUT TUT!

Anonymous said...

HoNk. HoNk.. .