Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sunday 1/6/08

World Financial Center

West Midtown
A common surge drill was underway at Penn Station. A random place is selected for 20 or more squad cars. sometimes they all proceed to the locations in one herd, and sometimes they arrive sporadically, taking attendance like a bunch of elementary school boys. This morning attendance was big. The above picture is 8th Avenue from 33rd to 34th Streets, but 31st to 33rd was lined with cop cars too. 

Midtown / Times Square

Long Island City, Queens

no explanation necessary 

Lower East Side


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

Caution passengers exiting I'm getting me one of them there stickers!
Great selection of pics again there are a few kips around the place eh? those sofas are gank!

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, those van taxis are required to have them, since the sliding doors don't swing out. they even have a blinking light on each side when the door is open. more often than not, those lights blink while the taxi is driving because the door wasn't closed properly, and that's a hassle because the door open light looks a lot like the help me i'm being robbed light. both lights aren't taken seriously.

Kips? yeah those coppers are everywhere, and they all look starry eyed and new. And I'm not sure if I love or I hate those sofas, probably a little bit of both.