Thursday, February 21, 2008

Keeping your bicycle

So in the previous post I mentioned that all the DKNY bicycles were all stolen already, they lasted about a week. If you want advice on how to keep a bike in NYC it is to....
  1. make it unattractive: achieved usually by wrapping with black tape, or innertube/ rubber material.
  2. make sure the bike is as hard as possible to disassemble: exchange quick releases for bolts, or place locks over all releases, and chains locking the bike seat to the frame. 
  3. Lock your bicycle with two completely different locks: preferably a small U-lock, and a heavy chain lock. It is best if both locks lock both the bike frame and a wheel. At least one lock must be locked to a secured object. Scaffolding can be disassembled, bicycles if improperly locked can be hoisted over parking meters,  and parking meters can be removed from subway grates. If you get a chain lock, get a THICK and HEAVY one, I kicked one of the orange Donna Karen bikes, and it fell to the side walk. I returned 5 minutes later and it was gone, the chain lock must have broken.
  4. Do not lock your bike to iron gates in front of residences in Manhattan, the police sometimes confiscate the bikes. 
  5. It may help to get your bike registered with the police department to certify that it is yours and track it if it's stolen.
  6. If you can help it, don't lock your bike outside, and if you have to, don't leave it alone for too long.
This all said, this is one of, if not the, safest cities in the world, but we still have a very bad bicycle theft problem. 

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