Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/2/08 pictures

East Village

Kensington ,Brooklyn

Midtown (Bryant Park)
This is pretty shameful. Donna Karen, the clothing company, had this short gorilla campaign to advertise with orange bikes around the city during fashion week. Problem is white bicycles are around the city as memorials to deaths of bicyclists. So this is kind of the equivalent of wearing red to a funeral. All the bikes have been stolen by people or the police by now, so they are all gone, thankfully. 

Upper East Side

Somewhere Manhattan


Roy, Dublin Taxi Driver said...

Some advertising crowd are placing 450 bicycles around dublin in return for free billboard space, i wonder how long they'll last

NYC taxi photo said...

wow 450, that's a ton. by the time they realize the bikes are getting stolen, it may be too late to remedy the problem.