Thursday, February 28, 2008

2/3 (2)

Grand Central Station

When the taxi lines were long and slow at the hotels, and there was no where else to go, I figured I'd wait at Grand Central. The taxi line is in a weird place though, everyone exits the station at other exits.

Long Island City, Queens

I like to call Long Island City 'taxi nation', maybe I stole that from somewhere else. There are more taxi garages in this neighborhood then any other in the city, as well as plenty of car mechanics who rely solely on taxi and livery car owner/drivers for income. This car dealer only sells Cadilacs and Lincolns aimed at the livery driver market. 


Midtown near Herald Square

Jersey City, New Jersey

Lucky me, I got a fare to Newark Airport. That's a 60 dollar ride with the possibility of a big tip. The taxes on gas are lower in New Jersey. Filling the tank before taking the tunnel back in to the city will save 5 bucks. However the time it takes to find the cheapest gas on the strip of gas stations then filling it up then tipping the gas man, I could've made my money back by taking another ride when I got back in the city. It is only worth buying gas in Jersey if I'm done taking customers. 

Jersey City, New Jersey

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Barry Manillow and Lenny Kravitz We definitely have the better posters here!