Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sunday 12/2: Snow day

All selected images are posted in the chronological order in which they were shot.

Times Square

Bushwick, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I think this is the Upper East Side. It was taken somewhere between there and lower Chelsea.

Times Square

Midtown (Grand Central Station)

Times Square

Sunnyside, Queens


Anonymous said...

These Snow pics are fantastic.... I am mega into them....... cool stuff Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers Jez XX

NYC taxi photo said...

thanks man, the day totally freed me abit more to take more pics, without wondering what my passengers would say, plus I was driving real slow all day. I guess it's enough to risk driving another snow day.

Paradise Driver said...

The contrast between the two Times Square pics is amazing.


NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, only a few hours apart. Well it's always nice and warm in the car, in fact I tend to get too warm.