Sunday, December 9, 2007

Special guest photoblogger

I drove saturday, and despite driving some friends home, returning a hack license left in my cab, and driving a great photo-blogger around, I made a decent wage. 

Driving around with Jez was a pleasure. He held two cameras in his lap, one wide angle, and one zoom, snapping shots so many times that he changed memory cards 4 times in only a limited time frame. I told him, at that point, that I'd only taken a few shots, none that I was happy with. 

"Well you are doing the driving," he said.

True, true, but it made me think about how much I've faded in any hardcore attempt at photography,

"When you are a photographer, you only do one thing, so you might as well shoot a lot." This is what he told me, when I mentioned again, my lack of images.

To see his shot from inside my taxi click here: 

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Anonymous said...

Dude..... I hope you weren't taking any of my banter as critical in anyway... there is a physical reality involved in driving that means you can't just shoot all the time! I have missed incredible pics while driving.... over and over... it always bugs me... but thanks to your generosity i was able to cruise and shoot with no thought to the driving or navigation...

If you remember once or twice I thought we were going down town on the West side not up town as we were on the East side !... thats not a situation that any taxi driver could

I always shoot a lot when Im shooting i like to concentrate like mad and get into the zone...... I chat and mess about but I am also concentrating like mad on the photography... I really like to make things count .... I pride myself on getting images out of even unpromising situations.... really through unrelenting concentration and application.... I love to do that... its really my thing.... I find it very hard to drive and shoot.... clearly it requires a level of multi tasking which im not sure I'd be that good at !
For you to shoot stuff at the level you have in that 2006 image portfolio you clearly have had everything come together so that the driving/navigation was in sync with the photography and subject matter to an amazing level but as soon as you throw driving the vehicle into the mix... the reality is it's gonna make things fewer and further between!

Like I say .... Im amazed you do it at the level you do...... and I'd be pretty alarmed if you were shooting like me when were rolling.... cos there would be the question of.... er...... whoose actually driving the car lol

Cheers mate thanks so much for your generosity i really enjoyed the ride and our conversation i'll definetly be posting more pics from that morning cheers and thanks again!

Cheers Jez