Friday, November 30, 2007

Sunday 11/25

Upper West Side

Times Square District


Hell's Kitchen

Flushing, Queens

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g said...

so do you keep on hand on the wheel and one hand on the camera? =)

what camera do you use? is it more convenient to use a small camera since you're driving?

a lot of my photography here in Manila also takes place from moving cars (or while stuck in traffic, or sometimes i'll slow down to take a shot, but i'm still in the car).

when i was still in Taiwan i'd shoot from behind a scooter.

but still, in both cases, i'm a passenger. it's still easier to shoot from a vehicle as a passenger than as a driver.

NYC taxi photo said...

pretty much everything is shot while at a red light, or when I have an opportunity to stop... err or drive really slow. I keep a digital Single lens reflex camera in my lap, so i can grab it quickly.