Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Saturday 11/24

Hell's Kitchen, I don't know why it's called that, or the more real-estate friendly "Clinton," but there are more small restaurants to be found here than anywhere else in the city. As the traffic light holds me at the corner on 9th Avenue, I watch the reflections of a back door to a kitchen, seeing everything but myself.

Downtown Manhattan's Business District has been a ghost town around these dark hours of the weekend's morning. There are no clubs until TriBeCa, and all the bars are for neighborhood drunks, and perhaps their Brooklyn friends.

In Chinatown, A faceless woman walks the street to avoid foot traffic on the sidewalk. Everyone on the curb melts into a Chinatown stew except one lone New Yorker who walks north.
Chinatown is a place where despite the tourism you actually can find bargains there, it's true. New Yorkers search for cheap gifts behind the foreground of two grey 1998 Toyota Camry'.

The Lower East Side, still finds room to keep a parking lot, but with looming real-estate opportunities, one wonders for how long?

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