Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8 random facts.

I got tagged to do this post by SoCal Cabbie, A blog I visit twice, even three times a week. I can usually count on SoCal Cabbie to post a blog pretty often. He takes the blog thing pretty seriously, having a laptop computer mounted to his console. And I like that you have your photos in a keyword category too now, they're all lookin' pretty good.

As I ween myself from the evil clutches of myspace, a post like this can be pretty theraputic, ahhh blogger. No I'm not giving out my myspace account, that's private!

Meme rules:
1) Post these rules before you give your facts
2) List 8 random facts about yourself
3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) a few blogs, linking to them
4) Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know they've been tagged

fact 1- I'm allergic too:

- the list goes on, in addition I was raised vegetarian, so that makes me a vegan. If I run out of random facts, this one becomes fact 2

fact 2- I don't know much about cars, but I can recognize almost any automobile distributed in North America by the corner lights from the side, C-pillar, or roof-line. Of course, I can recognize a real NYC taxi for an impostor. I made a hobby of car identification from third grade on, my skills have weakened within the last 10 years though. I used to go to the annual car show and get all the brochures, then I'd take tracing paper and trace the car for about 30 minutes.

Despite being able to identify a Honda Civic from the roof-line, I could walk by a famous actor and never be the wiser. This is 'cause I don't give a damn.

fact 3-What I really wanted to be was an architect. It is the perfect blend of art and purpose. I'm pretty slow at learning math, and I'm pretty slow at doing math too, so I decided to get a degree in photography instead.

fact 4- I became a cab driver because, it sounded like fun, and boy was it. only now I have 5 points on my license, and I still don't have any references for an easier higher paying job. My favorite thing about cabbies is that when you have to cut somebody off, usually they have a curse at you now, smile at you later rule, they don't tend to hold a grudge. when you drive 12 hours a day in New York City, shit has to roll off your back like water.

fact 5-I can read, but it is damn difficult. I went through all of school with A.D.D. privileges. I do everything, I just do it a lot slower. I've got to be interested in something to pursue it. So I've read about 5% of each text book I've received, and I've read 5 books out of all the books I've been assigned in my schooling. You'd be surprised how much you can get from listening in class, and reading Cliff Notes.

fact 6-After public school, I don't refer to anything as "hard". As long as I'm not doing math, or science, or doing a research essay, I think I'm the luckiest guy in the world.

fact 7-I like the Mets (the baseball team from Queens NY), a lot. If your not rooting for an underdog, why are you rooting? The Yankees don't need help from the fans, more importantly they play boring baseball. I think the current manager we've got from the Yankees is doing a great job with the Mets, but I think we lost a little bit of our soul.

oh P.S. The Yankees really do suck now, but we don't have ego problems so we're not rubbing it in your face. We don't have to compensate.

fact 8-I wish the U.S. would give up this game called football, and replace it with... well with football.

I'd Like to pass this chain over to:

Cabs Are For Kissing. Another great blog with reliable postings, see his pictures too.

Post Grad Year: Photographs. A blog posted by a friend who gave me the tour of the school I attended in Boston, before I attended. She posts pictures from New Bedford, a quaint little town by the shore near Boston. Well I call it quaint, people who live there claim they hear gunshots at night. Anyway, me and my parents drove through New Bedford once, and I had dreamed of living in such a town ever since.

Neither More Nor Less. A blog featuring mostly pictures from the East Village, NYC. Bob Arihood shares an attachment to this neighborhood, I assume because it is just another memory that might soon fade away, but that is just my guess. Anyway I choose you Neither More Nor Less, because you are very forthcoming, and I always appreciate your candid posts. On the other hand, please don't fell obligated to repost.


Bob Arihood said...

Yes it certainly is a moment vanishing .theres lots of money in that happening ..at least for some , so it definitely will happen .

Why the stories and pictures ---and I should write more stories --- well , I need to push the button on the camera ,its an addiction , jonesin' you know ....and the words well sometimes things just have to be said .I never intended it to be this way ,I'm just trapped here like everyone else .

Ted Martin said...

Fascinating that you're a car spotter. I remember you spotted the Bronco II rollover photo I had. I didn't notice what kind of vehicle it was, and I was there.

Ahhhh, the Yankees. I always thought it would be no fun to be a Yankees fan. There's no challenge. Last couple of years, maybe, but the "highs" aren't very high if there are no "lows".

Football... Don't get me going. I, personally, can't watch a bunch of guys running and running and running and running on a grass field the size of Texas and maybe, if I'm extremely lucky, I might see a single goal. And the acting! A guy gets touched and he falls down in total agony! It's absurd. I've watched some South American soccer, and it's a really physical game. I enjoyed that.

My only gripe with American football is that for a 3.25-hour game, there's only about a half hour of ball-in-motion time. There's no flow to it. I TiVo the games and, using FF, watch an entire game in about 40 minutes.