Monday, August 27, 2007

the 411 from the WWW.

I was snooping around some more blogs and have turned completely giddy with excitement, almost angry that I still haven't acted on this yet, Hey Hot Shot. The Jen Bekman Gallery, has just announced the winners of the quarterly contest. Winners get mentioned on websites and featured in the gallery itself.

So why am I so excited? Joe's nyc, an excellent photoblogger has already been featured there, and now Shuli Hallak who looks to have some amazing photographs of cargo ship activity. So I'll be sure to visit the gallery for the opening, and perhaps see a teacher who taught at both schools I attended in Maine and Boston, and get this, that same teacher grew up in my neighborhood here in New York and is also represented by the Jen Bekman Gallery.

Now in completely unrelated news, I just read on 1010 wins (our traffic and news radio station) that the Pulaski Skyway is getting a 10 million dollar renovation. The Pulaski is the best way to Newark Airport from Manhattan. On weekends one lane of two will be closed going inbound (to Newark I guess?) from now 'till December. Once reconstruction is done to that lane, the other direction will get done. 1010 WINS: Pulaski

I can just imagine the hellish experience I may have going to Newark Airport now. Of course I'd rather be late, then be dead. Kudos to New Jersey for finally getting around to fixing this towering demon of a bridge.

Rerun photos:
The Pulaski Skyway

Spring and Bowery

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