Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where do I go from here?

Sometimes I wish I had a normal job. Over these last two weeks certain temptations and obstacles have influenced my thinking away from this weird dream of driving a yellow cab.

The move has been trying. Now that I live in Staten Island, there is no conceivable quick commute to my garage at the witching hour. So I have been commuting half the distance to my garage the day before I drive, where my place with my parents and sister is.

While in Staten Island I have found it beautiful and tranquil, though I have found no shopping. I have made myself busy with one hundred or more channels of cable television, and filled the rest of my time with planning my trips to Manhattan.

Still I see great opportunity on the island for biking and nature explorations, and I hope to maybe find a job at a local health food store. Ideally I could have my cake and eat it too, living in a suburban/rural/ghetto setting, while still having access to the greatest city in the United States.

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